Whether you’re an athlete or just starting a gym routine, adding CBD can benefit working out and recovery. You might be struggling to get back into the gym the next day due to soreness or possibly sleep poorly due to pain. We want to walk you through the 5 ways CBD can benefit working out and why you may want to consider supplementing with CBD. 

Defining CBD

Cannabidiol is the derived products from the hemp plant. It is not addictive and does not create dependency. Hemp-derived CBD has very low amounts of THC, approximately 0.3%. Cannabidiol counteracts the effects of THC, such as bringing mental balance thus limiting the occurrence of any psychoactive effects. 

If purchasing CBD from a local dispensary or directly online from brands, keep an eye out for trusted full spectrum products. The full spectrum offers a broad range of benefits. For instance, a range of cannabinoids, CBD, THC, terpenes, and other nutritional elements are packed in full-spectrum products. These each play a part in your workout routine and recovery period. 

How CBD benefits workout and fitness

Studies have shown that CBD on fitness aims at enhancing endurance by boosting performance levels, increasing energy during the workout, and promoting a faster and more thorough healing process. Here is how CBD benefits workout routines.

Fights inflammation and pain

A strenuous workout results in micro-tears of your muscles. These tears cause immense inflammation, which can cause pain within the body. A workout is a significant reason for your soreness and the lingering injuries that never cease. The continuous pain you feel in the joints results from inadequate rest and no time to allow complete recovery.

In 2017,  one study confirmed the potentiality of CBD in reducing inflammation. CBD showed prospects that with the supplement of this plant into their routine it prevented further pain development. As a result, it ensured that no more nerve damage was occurring, protecting from arthritis, especially in the joints.

Induces and retains better sleep

Sleep allows for muscle recovery, especially after a busy day and a strenuous routine in the evening. However, soreness and continuous inflammation can disrupt your sleep. Finding a way to keep the pain at bay will assure better sleep.

Studies indicate that CBD can induce sleep and help retain all the sleep stages before an individual awakes. These studies suggest an improvement in the sleeping patterns for 67% of the participants. Cannabidiol helps soothe the soreness by fighting the inflammation and reducing the pain.

The relaxation and calm environment CBD induces pulls you to sleep within a short while. The muscles have a chance to fully recover as CBD promotes better healing and recovery. It prepares your muscles to take what the next day has to offer.

Relieves performance-related anxieties and stress

Athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle face many challenges while carrying out their day to day routines. Some encounter bouts of anxiety from high stress which can affect their performance levels. The stress associated with the daily routines and the pressure to perform well can also cause a lot of damage to self-esteem and confidence levels.

Supplementing with CBD oil can change this discomfort associated with general anxiety. Studies show that CBD can even protect the brain, preventing further damage. These neuroprotective capabilities provide relief from associated anxieties and enhance the cognitive functions of an individual. 

Improves overall performance

Personal performance is easily affected by the smallest elements in a person’s workout routine. If muscles are too sore, then performance is likely lower than normal.

CBD helps in reducing muscle inflammation, which enhances  endurance levels. With the added relief and quicker recovery time you can continue strenuous activities. CBD can also aid in sleep which is couples well with CBD for improved muscle regeneration. 


The popularity of CBD has increased dramatically over the years and for a good reason. People from all walks of life have found the power in the plant especially athletes. Supplementing your workout routine with CBD is a viable way to both help aid in recovery, muscle inflammation, sleep, stress, and overall performance. There are a variety of different methods to adding CBD to your wellness routine including capsules, oils, vapes and topicals.

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