Want to get into the cannabis industry? There are tens of thousands of new jobs created every year in this sector, and companies need great people now more than ever as the growth continues. Here are 15 jobs that you should consider for your first foray into the world of cannabis. They have backgrounds in various roles and can be tailored to all kinds of unique skillsets. We hope you join the industry and help – the more people invested in the movement the faster we succeed!

Sales Rep

Every product wants to be in dispensaries, that’s where the transactions are being made. Help a company land lucrative in-store real estate.

Wholesale Buyer

Those same dispensaries need discerning buyers evaluating all the potential product offers they receive. You should probably know both the plant and the ancillary market for this role.

Tour Operator

420 tourism has become a huge draw for visitors to legal states. If you love sharing your knowledge with groups, companies always need great tour guides for dispensary tours and cannabis themed experiences.

Strain Reviewer / Writer

Love to smoke and write? Have an excellent nose and palette for the plant? There are multiple cannabis-oriented blogs that have whole sections of their website dedicated to strain reviews.

Concentrate Extractor

Love working in a science lab? The extraction companies in legal states are producing the highest-potency THC and CBD concentrates in the world for people who need extremely high dosages.

Edibles Maker

Are you a chef or baker looking to elaborate on your skillset? All you need to do is add a little cannabis oil to your recipes and you’re in business.


The bud has to get a little trim before it hits the shelves. If you’re fast with a pair of scissors and love getting in the zone, this is a great option.


Always had a green thumb? States that have legal cannabis programs are starved for quality farmers who love cultivating medicine for their patients.

Legal Counsel

Not every law firm will touch a cannabis case or client. Go niche and serve the cannabis industry!


Some of these companies are still operating in cash ONLY. Their stores and employees need protection and transportation services.


If you’re a people person, you should be standing behind the counter educating patients on the qualities of each product and what they can expect after consuming it.

Delivery Service

Want to keep things mobile? The future of cannabis certainly has a delivery component to it, so look for the startups trying to make it happen.


Have a background in politics and law? Whether you’re for or against cannabis, the social and political war for complete legalization rages on.

Web Dev Provider

Cannabis companies need great websites just like every other business today. Specializing in cannabis-centric branding and marketing will make you relatable and relevant to young companies looking for help.

Store Owner

Ready to run a retail store? If you can build the team and have the connections to the industry, it’s time to launch your brand.