Now that you’ve got your vape pen, pipe, or papers sorted out, what other smoking essentials should you bring in your weed smoker kit? These are a few of our favorite travel essentials — all of which simplify your smoking and vaping experience on the go. It’s a hassle to stop at a headshop when you arrive in a new city. Instead of scrambling for supplies, pack the travel-friendly, smell proof Safety Case and you’ll have no problem taking flight once you touch down at your final destination.

10 Items for the Ultimate Weed Kit

  1. Grinder card

    how to grind weed

    Everyone knows using a grinder is critical for rolling joints or getting a smooth hit from your vape / pipe. You might prefer a premium grinder, but who wants to clean out their kief-catcher just to comply with TSA regulations? Easy to clean and quick to use, the inconspicuous, stashable grinder card is a crucial item for the traveling stoner.

  2. Lighter

    An obvious essential that’s often forgotten and/or misplaced. Why waste time stopping at a gas station when you have a dozen on the coffee table at home? And yes, you can bring a lighter on-board, so long as it’s in your carry-on. You might have to leave the blow torch for your dab rig at home, though.

  3. Rolling Tips

    If you do forget your rolling tips, you can always rip off a piece of that airline magazine cover that’s in the seat pocket in front of you. But we prefer a clean crutch, so we always make sure we bring a crisp set of rolling tips. Never used crutches before? Check out why they are one of my 10 Tips for Rolling Better Joints.

  4. Dabber / Poker

    This is a crucial tool we never travel without. The skinny metal tool will often be overlooked in TSA screenings, but it’s a good idea to meticulously clean it prior to travel, just in case. A slim, travel-size tool is essential for loading a vape pen or clearing your one-hitter.

  5. Dab Mat

    A silicone dab mat handles two tasks: it allows you to handle extracts with ease, and it also protects your Safety Case from getting sticky with oil—something you don’t want to happen, especially if you’re going to be flying again.

  6. Smell-proof Containers

    Smell-proof containers keep your stash organized and discreet. A silicone container like the Pebble can be used in conjunction with the Safety Case, and we love it for travel because of its small size, rounded corners, and medical-grade silicone, which make cleaning a breeze.

  7. Rolling papers

    Most of the time when we smoke on the road, we end up rolling joints. Having a pack of rolling papers on hand while traveling, even if you aren’t expecting to find weed at your destination, is a pro travel move.

  8. Vape Pen

    A must for the traveling stoner, especially if you’re headed to a destination with a harsh penalty for smoking weed. Given the prevalence of e-cigs and the minimal smell of vaping oil, a vape pen is as incognito as it gets these days.

  9. One-hitter

    One-hitters are awesome for traveling for a number of reasons: they’re cheap, nearly impossible to break, and still pack quite the punch when smoking flower. Just make sure you clean it properly before heading to the airport.

  10. Smell Proof Case

    Above all else, the most important piece of the traveling stoner’s puzzle is a smell-proof, discreet stash box. Sometimes you really need a child safe, locking stash box to manage everything.